Saturday, August 7, 2010

Amazon order: 92fv02nv0n40nv (Or something.)

Recieved this today!
The Drips (CD) - As to be expected really. Most, if not all of the bronx playing up beat punk. NOICE.

A book? Not usually much of a "reader" (cheers Bill) however, Miranda July... I was thinking about how much I enjoyed "Me you and everyone we know" (Film- A MUST SEE). And wanted a bit more from her, I'd seen her website before, Learning to love you more. And enjoyed that so thought 'd try out her book. Short stories which is great for me, with a short attention span. I've read 2 so far.... and yeah. Go buy it! Its called; "No one belongs here more than you". Its fun and really like reflects "MYAEWK" in the sort of awkwardness of her character. Which leads me to think she is just a bit of an awkward person. But lovely.

Check it out. It was pretty cheap on Amazon too. £3 or so?

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