Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just wanted to do a quick one while i write another one.

Parallel is in my favourite words now. After seeing how lovely the double L is in it. Demonstrating the meaning of the word.

Monday, February 22, 2010

12 Hours Sleep.

Yes, after waking up after the most sleep I've had in a while. I wait for the shower, who's current occupant sounds like he's coughing up more mucus than an 80 Year old smoker. I decided I'd RE-RE-go back and attempt to carry on with a blog.

I always suffer from "I don't know what to write syndrome." I guess I could show the photography I've been doing with a cardboard box strapped loosely to the side of a scanner. But actually i think i might show you my font... because it might NEVER see the light of day after the trouble I've been having with FontLab Studio.

I'm calling it Okkur, because I was designing it for a zine/blog that probably wont ever happen. Oh well... (It means Us in Icelandic.)

Ps. Yea so this was written ages ago but only just posted. WHATCHAGUNNADO.