Thursday, July 29, 2010

Care package waiting for your signal.

Yes, I've been doing a little more than just browsing the internet again.
This time the treats I recieved were;
Holy state - Ep. (CD)
Throats - Throats. (CD)
Throats - T-shirt.
The Ghost of a Thousand -This is where the fight begins. (Vinyl LTD. 500 + B-sides Cd.)

Everything is super well packaged/designed! Mmm, good! Feels good! Is good! Real good! Tastes good! Mighty good! Good for you! Good for me!

(Holy state came with a poster of the artwork. I cant bring myself to put it up on my wall though. I like it too much. Might just get it photocopied.)


Callum. said...

The new holy state e.p is such a good listen!

Explainlater said...

Yeah, i second that!