Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sounding like a complete faggot saying "Sorry but, I am actually going to have to go and buy some cupcakes." Was worth it.

Coop Caramel and Pecan Cup Cakes.
They're awesome. I'd highly recommend them.
Anyway this craving that I had can be blamed on my girlfriend talking about what cup cakes she wants to make for her interview on Monday. (Good luck. But you know if you get the job I'm only going to get fat.) But yes. That triggered me to get out of bed (23:30 was hoping for an early one.) and walk in the rain to the shop. But it was totally worth it. I also bought Coke and some Paprika crisps. They added to the awesomeness of the snack (Or is it a binge?/ INDULGENCE).

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